The application you are using to surf the web, called a browser, may not fully support all of the features and capabilities that this web site has to offer, most likely because your browser is very old and out-of-date.

With the notable exception of Internet Explorer, modern browsers have been greatly improved and are much more efficient and faster than the old browsers, regardless of your operating system.

Upgrading your browser or installing a new one is very easy to do and costs nothing. It only takes a few minutes using a broadband connection to download any of the browsers below, so there is no reason not to do it right now.

The following browsers support current web standards and have been thoroughly tested for compatibility with this web site.

Firefox 1.0
Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
Mac OS X 10.1
Linux 2.2.14
The very fastest and most efficient pure web browser available today. All it does is surf the web and it does it the best of any other web browser. Yes, I know it is very difficult for some of us to stop using the browser that came with our computer, but you really owe it to yourself to at least try Firefox and I just know will not be disappointed. And please be aware that Firefox will not affect Internet Explorer in any way and you can go back to using it any time you like, even while simultaneously using Firefox, but please, do not think about it for another minute, click this link and download Firefox right now.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
Some of the background colors and images will sometimes fail to display immediately after switching some styles but will usually render properly after refreshing or loading another page.

Netscape Navigator 7.1
Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
Mac OS X 10.1
Based on a recent version of Mozilla, this is a very fine browser with no significant issues, but lacks the speed improvements and bug fixes in the very latest Mozilla browser.

Mozilla 1.4
Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
Mac OS X 10.1
This browser is the gold standard against which all other browsers are judged, displaying web content the most reliably and faster than any other full-featured browser on any platform. Very highly recommended if you want a single application that can handle web surfing, news groups, chat, email and html editing. However, if you only want to have the very best web surfing experience, you should get their Firefox browser.

Safari 1.3
Mac OS X 10.3.9
If you are running Panther, by all means install the final 10.3.9 update, which will also automatically upgrade Safari to version 1.3 (312), and you will be rewarded with a big speed improvement. With this version, I would not fault you for not using Firefox, which still has the edge in rendering some of the more obscure CSS properties (z-index support in particular) and is still just a little bit snappier than Safari.

Safari 1.0
Mac OS X 10.2
Although this early version has some fairly serious problems on some other web sites, I have tried hard to make sure it fully functions and renders properly with this application and with the exception of the the popup menus in the Navigation bar overlaying the iframe, everything works. But as with any version of Mac OS X, please be sure to apply all of the available updates to the operating system, which will guarantee that Safari is working the best it can.

Camino 0.8.2
Mac OS X 10.2.6
Camino is back better than ever with this new version based on Mozilla 1.7 but unlike Mozilla, it is fully integrated into Mac OS X with support for system preferences, the keychain and XML-based bookmarking. Having the speed and reliability of Mozilla coupled with the familiar styling of Aqua makes this browser a good alternative to Safari.

OmniWeb 4.5
This Mac OS X browser has greatly improved over the 4.2.1 version and except for the popup menus in the Navigation bar being partially hidden under the iframe, now works quite well with this site. However, version 5 will not play audio files on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), which probably has something to do with Quicktime 7, but seems to play all the other file types fine.

Although the following browsers are fairly current, they were found to have at least one anomaly that prevents this site from working properly, or as the case with Konqueror, have not been tested yet.

Some of these browsers have a feature where they can impersonate one of the browsers above, so you could try it and verify some of the problems.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 - Windows
Earlier versions do not work well at all and even this version has a few rendering problems that adversely affect the layout on some pages, so unless you are on Windows 95, there is no good reason for you not to upgrade to version 6, which fixed a lot of bugs, but if you want the fastest, most reliable browser, I recommend Firefox without reservation.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 - Macintosh
The Mac OS 8.1 to 9.x version does not display popup menus at all, which prevents style switching, but otherwise seems to work fine. However, the Mac OS X version has so many rendering problems, in addition to the popup menus not working very well, that Mac OS X users should definately switch to Safari, Netscape, or Mozilla, in particular Firefox.

Camino 0.7 - Mac OS X
Beginning with Mac OS X 10.3, the iframe fails to load when a folder is selected in the directory. The iframe was also a problem in prior versions of Mac OS X whenever four or more stylesheets were setup, eventually causing the browser to stop displaying anything at all. The next Camino release, due in April 2004, should correct these problems since it will be built on the Mozilla 1.7 engine.

Opera 7.01
Some rendering problems associated with style sheets, overlay menus look funny even when they do not overlap the iframe and image files cannot be viewed or audio files played, although downloading files does work and you can choose to view or play these files from the download dialog instead.

Konqueror 3.1.3
This Linux browser has not been tested yet.

There are lots of other browsers too numerous to list, but almost any browser that supports HTML 4.01, CSS Level 1 and DOM, such as those built on Mozilla 1.2 or later, like Galeon and Firebird, should work fine.

However, I can only really vouch for the browsers listed at the top of the page because I have extensively tested these and in many cases, changed the site to support these browsers.